Fall/Winter 2016 BUILDING JACKET



Building has all classic attributes of a suit jacket and is a must have for any wardrobe.

The shoulder pads give Building the elegant silhouette of a suit jacket meanwhile the front pockets add a casual look. Building is a true around-the-clock garment and goes perfect with jeans as well as any suit trousers from the Stylein Classic line.


Building is cut in our beloved medium thick crepe that we have used season after season and which is also used for the Stylein Classics line. The fabric is the perfect mix of strict and soft and suitable for both winter and summer. The surface of the fabric has a beautiful crepe structure, which brings life to the garment and allows a slight stretch that helps to maintain the shape of your garment. This great crepe quality is also super easy to wash and iron and the perfect fabric for your travels since it shows minimal wrinkles.